I am anti-piracy of livelihood. How to determine if the product you received is a counterfeit or that payment was made to a fraudulent bank account?

1. Clear your Internet's browser's "History" often.

2. Immediately “reply” to the Order Confirmation. We’ll check our financial transactions. Your Order Confirmation should have been sent from when your payment was complete.

3. Closely check your bank or credit card statement to verify that you paid into a legitimate Shopify (SP*) account for "YGV INC". The line description should  state this information: SP * YGV INC +1 705-674-0462 (not case sensitive and total spaces may vary; + and - are optional).

4. We will contact you once we fully or partially determine if fraud exists. 

5. Immediately track your order from the customer portal website once the order has been sent to their warehouse. It may take 180 days to manufacture and ship from Shipwire warehouses.

6. It is criminal to claim you paid for products that were not actually ordered since police would be contacted to further investigate claims of possible criminal activity.

7. Contact your bank debit or credit card issuer to refund payments for unauthorized use of your payment card and personal information. (Children and other "unregistered" users should not use a parent, spouse, or someone else's credit or debit cards)

8. Only buy these brand new products from Avoid Amazon regarding these goods. Other official websites are and Have anti-phishing and anti-spoof apps/software protecting against any redirects to fraudulent stores. Be vigilant, as recently new phishing/spoofing websites have yet to be reported to online security companies.