The Trader And JK first 2 pages



Approximately, the year of 380 billion human inhabitants on the planet Humanity calls Earth.

Prices for everything were somehow magically preserved by the world’s monetary policymakers since the year of 7.7 billion human inhabitants.



Jake, his first name, had a troubled youth. At age twelve, he committed robbery armed with a steel metal pipe. Jake, and a friend, entered a small confectionery store, stealing $184 in Canadian cash bills.

To the dismay of the male cashier working the evening part-time shift, Jake, for both him and his 11-year-old accomplice, refused an offer to also receive rolled coins overtop the paper currency bills already transferred to them, in a ‘no fuss, no harm’ transaction effort between a theft victim and his soon-to-be violent perpetrator.

Jake felt exception to the nervous and afraid cashier pleading for leniency. In Jake’s mind, it was a plea for leniency when he presented the wrapped heavy coin in a hope to save his own life. The coin would have been inconvenient to carry in a pant pocket once they fled the store. Paper currency bills were all the perpetrators wanted.

Walking swiftly around the cash register counter, Jake unleashed a vicious beating with the fifteen inches steel pipe he entered the store with, causing a lifetime of irreparable damage to the male cashier’s head and body. Consequently, the cashier was in intensive care at the hospital for a total of six months following the assault. In addition, the callously assaulted cashier had another five years of physical rehabilitation for bone, ligament, and tendon injuries sustained to the right side of the skull, neck, and body, including the right-side ribcage, clavicle, arm, wrist, and hand.

As told, the twenty-year-old victim would spend the next forty years wondering if the overtime hours he worked that day constituted a correct means in the advancement of one’s career and happiness.

Because of laws that govern criminal youth, and Jake’s inhumane attitude towards other beings, the judge decided, Jake would spend the next three years in a home for disruptive boys to reacquaint him to a more humane society than the one involving violent crimes against others. Depressed and violent, Jake wished everyone an early death as their demise.

Unfortunately, Jake cunningly learned deception when obtaining privileges during his detention sentence. Becoming adept at deception, he successfully achieved a passageway back into society when his three years of a correctional sentence was believed aptly served. Subsequently, at age fifteen, Jake’s two-year probationary period began. He was ordered back to live in his dysfunctional family home to fulfill his probation requirements, to his totally hidden, criminal glee.

As observed in his life this far, Jake managed to escape through the unseen cracks of the correctional system for the violent young criminal offender. A legal note: child welfare was a provincial jurisdiction listed in the Constitution Act of Canada, a Confederation document listing the country’s separation of responsibilities within the purview of the federal government, the ten provincial governments, and the governments of the three permanently annexed territories of Canada.